ARKM Foam: Tape/No Tape Added to The Free Music Archive !


It is my pleasure to let you know Arkm Foam has set the bar high, yet again,

seemingly miles above the foam stinking-up the docks down at Chatham fish pier (Go in the market and GET the clam fritters.)

with this, a gift, free music. Not even Taylor Swift would do it at this point, and who can blame her?!, making music isn’t easy!, or cheap!, time is precious

and A.Foam has poured his life into these sounds on tape! TAPE? NO TAPE?? SO CONFUSING! WHO CARES? IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!

He wants you to listen. I want you to listen, too, please.

Still best heard anyway you can get it, and you can get it as long as the internet lasts there, or as long as cassettes will last, here.

ARKM FOAM * TAPE AVAILABLE @ confettihellgate.bandcamp

Purchase cassette edition now @ confettihellgate.bandcamp




This release marks the first for Confetti Hellgate and I
couldn’t be more happy to introduce to you, Arkm Foam.
Each side of this beautifully designed cassette contains
a single track of micro-noise from this famous, Boston-area,
Whitehaus-living, independant music stalwart.

I love him and the amount of time and effort he has put into
exposing hundreds of bands to surely thousands people in the
northeast and beyond, including myself, through the now
infamous Whitehaus collective of the Jamaica Plain neighborhood in Boston.

2 tracks, One made using tape and one without!
each side runs approximately 15 minutes


Pro-dubbed in realtime on BASF CHROME+ tapes
w/ double sided/ full color 2-panel j-cards and full color cassette labels.




june cover

Arkm Foam


Both sides captured through 2 Crank Sturgeon Plug-SP contact mics, sent through a 1202-VLZE Mackie mixer and recorded on a Tascam 424 MKIII cassette 4-track at Kate and Adam’s, 171 Florence St. 1R. Roslindale, MA. Late May, 2013.

Side A: “TAPE
Using Sony TCM-200DV handheld tape players and cassettes.

Side B: “NO TAPE
Using General Electric 3-5157B and Bigston KD-130 tabletop tape players, with no cassettes.


Purchase cassette edition now @ confettihellgate.bandcamp